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Ivy Outdoor Heps Yale 5/10 & 5/11/08 PHOTOS Ivy Outdoor Heps Yale 5/10 & 5/11/08 RESULTS

Ivy Indoor Heps Cornell 3/1 & 3/2/08 PHOTOS Ivy Heps Indoor Cornell 3/1 & 3/2/08 RESULTS

Ivy League Heps XC 10/26/07

Outdoor Heps Ivy League T & F 5/5/07 & 5/6/07

Breeze Against Wheeze, Brown Med School 4/28/07

Indoor Heps Ivy League Championship 2/24+25/07

Anne Rothenberg Retirement Party 11-18-06

2000 Heps Cross-Country Championship

Button Text 5/6&7/06 OTHER IVIES at Outdoor Heps UPenn

04/15/06 Brown Home Track Meet

1-28-06 Harvard/Brown/Cornell (Brown Pics) 1-28-06 Harvard/Brown/Cornell  (Harvard & Cornell Pics)

Alden Invitational 12-03-05 XC Awards 12-04-05

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My wife and I met at Brown in the 1960s.  Both of our daughters were graduated from Brown in 1998 and 2003.  Although neither of us participated in track & field and cross-country at Brown (remember that women had NO varsity sports in the Ivy League until the 1970s--something about their being too delicate to compete--what Hooey!), both our daughters were involved for their four years.  Our older daughter, Emily, ran cross-country and middle distances all four years.  Our younger daughter, Joanna, was the manager of the track team, and a USATF certified official for her four years at Brown.

We have actively supported the Brown teams since 1994.  When our daughters were involved, we brought tents, water, Gatorade, and such.  We are also both USATF certified officials, and we have officiated at Brown meets and at several Heptagonal Championships.  Now that our daughters are grown and gone, we have cut back a bit.  After our younger daughter graduated in 2003, I just kept taking pictures.  We go to many, but not all, Brown meets, and we officiate when can.  Emily has a daughter now, so our attention is turning to the next generation.  I haven't yet taken 1,000 pictures of our new granddaughter, but, by gum, I'm working on it.

I started taking pictures at Brown track & field events in 2000.  My first digital camera was a little 2mp Hewlett Packard.  I took 75 to 100 pictures at a meet because the camera was quite slow.  Now I have a camera that can take 8 pictures per second.  Sometimes I take 600 to 1,000 photos at a meet.  I started uploading the pictures to Zing.com, until it went belly up.  I've been using Fotki since 2002.  They make inexpensive, good-quality prints, and send them out quickly

I don't mind hearing encouraging noises from the hinterlands.  After all, I am doing this as a volunteer.  If you have questions or comment, do e-mail me.  A link is below.

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