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Photos by Thetford Academy Student Chelsea Geoffrey '07 are in the 2005-2006 buttons.

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Thetford Academy Musical 5/14/2009

Thetford Academy Honors Celebration 4/29/09

Thetford Academy One-Act Play 3/26/09

Thetford Acad Boys Semifinal Basketball Barre 2/26/09

Thetford Acad Basketball Girls 2/9/09 + Boys 2/12/09

Woods Trail Run at Thetford Academy 10/4/08 PHOTOS

Thetford Academy Musical 5/15/2008

Thetford Academy Honors 4/30/2008

Thetford Academy
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Photos from Most Recent Events

5/18/06 Thetford Academy Musical

Thetford Academy Honors Celebration 4/26/06

Thetford Academy Boys Basketball Championship 3-11-06

Our daughters were graduated from Thetford Academy in 1994 and 1999.  Both went on to Brown University.  Thetford Academy has an interesting structure.  It is managed by a private board of trustees, which is an old style of management for what is essentially a public school.  This comes from having been incorporated at a time when all schools were private, and there were no public schools.  All but a few visiting students at Thetford Academy are public-school students sent by eight or so towns in Vermont and New Hampshire.  It calls itself "a private school with a public purpose."

In the end, Thetford Academy is our town's public high school, and has been since 1819.  Our family has supported Thetford Academy for more than three decades.  We have volunteered in all capacities.  I served as a trustee for a time.  I coordinated the design and construction of Thetford Academy's 5K cross-country trail in 1990 and 1991 and directed the events on that trail for 13 years. 

With our girls grown and gone, we nonetheless pay attention to Thetford Academy.  I often go to student events and take photographs and post them on my Fotki sites.  When I was directing the cross-country events, I could not take pictures.  Now that I am retired from that responsibility, I have started going to the big cross-country events and taking pictures.

For the 2005-2006 school year, I am working with Thetford Academy student Chelsea Geoffrey '07 on a digital-photography independent study project.  Chelsea is taking hundreds of pictures for these albums, for the yearbook, and for herself.

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Links to Thetford Academy Photo Albums

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